November 1-5, 2017


Harlem, NYC & Midtown Manhattan


1500 Tickets


50 Professional Speakers


Harlem Tech Week 2017

NYC’s Small Business, Startup Tech Conference and Diversity Career Fair.

Every November Harlem Tech Week brings together NYC’s emerging startups, tech leaders and influencers to raise the conscientious investment necessary to embolden tech inclusion.

Harlem Tech Week is proud to support underserved entrepreneurs and small businesses. These brilliant women and men dare to redefine conventional thought, pushing through to disrupt legacy systems to offer groundbreaking solutions.

With your support, our valued sponsors, and community partners we set course for a new era in innovating at light speed. Join us to host events that educate, inform and connect startups who are the job creators and wealth builders of our time.

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Conference Event Schedule

Nizer Saunders

Opening introductions

The theme of this year's conference is "Hack the Code to Tech Diversity." Harlem Tech Week's festival is a platform connecting communities to showcase MVP models, women in leadership
Amol Sarva

Amol Sarva

Amol co-founded several startups including Virgin Mobile USA, Peek, Halo Neuroscience,  KnotableKnotel, and built a building in New York called East of East. He studied cognitive science for his Ph.D. at Stanford
Kai Bond


Find out what investors are looking for in founders, startups and investment.

Join us for the Investor Roundtable as investors from the NYC investment ecosystem share knowledge on the current

John Shaughnessy

Where Startups Fail


Instructor: John Shaughnessy, Managing Director at Brand New Matter

Where Startups Fail:  The blueprint to drive early-stage growth.

90% of all startups fail. Even with a good team and a good idea, executing
Maryann Reid

Women In Tech and Business

Women in Tech and Business: Find out what women of tech and business are building, managing and innovating. Join us for a spirited talk as they share their journey of raising a business from the ground up. Moderator: Maryann Reid Panelist: Jessica Santana Co-Founder of New York On Tech, Cheryl Gentry Founder and CEO of Glow Global Events, Shelley Worrell of CaribBeing and Shimika Clarke Director of Business Development at Claim it!

ICO Of Things

ICO, is it a peer to peer exchange, crowdfunding? Will it be regulated if so, by whom? These questions and more will be discussed at Harlem Tech Week's ICO Of Things
Aaron Wilson

CEO Sales Master Class with Aaron Wilson

What do all small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs have in common? The need to SELL.

CEO sales master class with Aaron Wilson

Most people are afraid to sell and close. Learn to

Technology’s Future

Moderator: Joshua Talton, Program Director at New York On Tech (NYOT).
Technology's Future: Tech leaders often share insight and vision about the future of technology. But seldom do we hear from



Investor-Startup Meetup Connection.

You are invited to PITCHNADO!

VENUE LOCATION Simple Contacts 25 West 26th Street Floor 6 USE: west entrance (to the left).

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Event Speakers / meet our speakers

Amol Sarva

CEO and cofounder of Knotel

Amol co-founded several startups including Virgin Mobile USA, Peek, Halo Neuroscience,

Jenny Fielding

Managing Director

Jenny is Managing Director at Techstars where she invests in the Internet of

Rep. Adriano Espaillat

United States Congressman

U.S. Representative Adriano Espaillat proudly represents New York’s Thirteenth Congressional District.

Cheryl Gentry

Founder and CEO of Glow Global Events

Named 2017 Top Influential Women in Meetings and 2017 Brava Award

Jessica Santana

Co-Founder New York On Tech

New York On Tech (NYOT), a 501c3 nonprofit organization on a mission

Angelia manages the Internet of Things program for Techstars (IoT).

Max Rodriguez

Founder and Publisher

Max is the Founder and Publisher of QBR/The Black Book Review,

Maryann Reid

Author and Digital Content Strategist

Maryann Reid is an award-winning author of several novels published by

Shimika Clarke

dir. of business development & partnerships, claim it!

Claim It! The marketplace mobile application that offers



 Barika is a social entrepreneur and over 10 years management experience.

Jimmy Newson

CEO and founder, Media Marketing Effect

Jimmy's purpose is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners

Nizer Saunders

Founder, CEO

Nizer started Harlem Tech Week (HTW), the conference and tech career

Shelley is the creator of CaribBeing. She's a cultural entrepreneur who was

Aaron Wilson

Director of Recruiting

Aaron is currently the Director of Recruiting at Soni Resources

Clayton Menzel

Community Manager

Clayton is a Community Manager for Fiverr, the world’s largest online

John Shaughnessy

Managing Director

John is Managing Director at Brand New Matter, a strategic advisory

Mark Gold

Managing Director at 2020 Startups

Mark is an award-winning marketer, a member of the Forbes Coach

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Investor-RT / Meet the investor roundtable speakers

Kai Bond

Investor at Comcast Ventures

Kai leads investing for Comcast Ventures Catalyst Fund

Ryan Armbrust

Investor, ff Venture Capital

Ryan is a Partner at ff Venture Capital.

Dessy Levinson

Vice President  & Head of Story

Dessy is an active investor at 645 Ventures

Richard Kerby

Seed Investor

Richard Kerby is a seed stage angel investor

Nick Adams

Venture Partner

Nick is a Venture Partner at, f.k.a. Flatiron Investors

Thomas M. Sparico

Co-Founder and CEO

Thomas is Co-Founder and CEO of Brand New Matter, Inc.

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HARLEM TECH WEEK / Join us for NYC largest diverse tech conference on Nov. 1-3, 2017

Connect with emerging innovators, tech leaders, investors for the tech-inclusive event of the year.


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